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Apple lost against Qualcomm in the patent infringement case

Apple is one of the leading cell phone brands but it has always been coddled in legal battles with other mobile phone manufacturing companies. There had been a series of lawsuits which have been fought between apple and other mobile producing companies with the case going always in favour of the latter. Recently Apple has been indulged in a prolonged legal battle with Qualcomm. The Apple company has disrupted Qualcomm’s patent. The following handsets of the apple company namely iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus  and iPhone X  has trespassed two patents, of Qualcomm. As a consequence of which the Qualcomm company has placed a petition regarding the Apple company to repay a division of the iPhone’s revenue in records for the application of Qualcomm patents.

There were three infringement rights which were being violated by the company which were related to the power optimization and boot-up times of the phones. It all commenced when the apple company passed a statement that Qualcomm’s licensing fees was too high and exploitative. After this the Apple company declined to pay the licensing fee, then Qualcomm responded back by soliciting to get that money through filling the litigation in  the courts, and forbidding the sales of offending iPhones . It was all in all a trigger which was started by the apple company for which the company had to pay penalties later on.

The ultimate result of the petition is in favor of Qualcomm Company. They have won a patent infringement case against Apple Company. It is a huge win for the Qualcomm company they were granted $1.41 per device for the three patent breaches, amounting to a total of $31 million which roughly made a total of £23,368,000 / AU$43,606,000.

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