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Hongqi’s B- class SUV HS5 revealed at Auto Shanghai 2019

Hongqi, China’s driving extravagance auto-brand, went to the eighteenth Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, Auto Shanghai 2019 with a solid 14 vehicle lineup, two new bits of cutting edge gear and the organizations first extravagance         B- class SUV, HS5.

Hongqi is an excellent vehicle brand claimed and overseen by the FAW Group set up in 1958. Amid the 70s, as the selective supplier of vehicles for state pioneers and occasions, the Hongqi (warning) logo and the Hongqi wound up synonymous with China’s car industry

With a lively and smart look, the HS5 consolidates Hongqi’s driving advances and design ideas. The HS5, B-class SUV model depends   on its new rationality of making items that can meet the desires for China’s high-class population. Bolstered by Hongqi’s one of a kind and spearheading mH5 idea, the HS5 has been situated to lead the development of China’s extravagance B-class SUV showcase, a section overwhelmed by families and people who have as of late rose into China’s wealthiest statistic.

According to the sources, the HS5 was Hongqi’s first B-Class extravagance SUV, its first EV Hongqi the E-HS3, the Hongqi H5 Sport, the Hongqi H7, the Hongqi H5 FCEV and customized L5 with dual color. The extravagant pieces of cutting edge gear, including the 2019 CES grant winning Hongqi keen cabin and Hongqi’s most recent fuel engines were additionally in plain view, featuring the latest advances in Chinese assembling.

Hongqi reports the HONGQI unites China’s new age of groundbreaking, cosmopolitan people with China’s advanced culture, music and structure influencers that share the same values and ethics as Hongqi.

The IP-based program, Hongqi Journey, an iconic image intended for proprietors of Hongi vehicles and devotees of the brand who need to explore the nation they live in and the numerous characteristic ponders that have made China one of a kind, was likewise propelled.

The HS5, the first luxury B-class SUV, is priced at US$ 29,790-US$ 40,217 and will go at a Sale in China on May 1.

In 2018, Hongqi dispatched 33,000 vehicles, growing 624 percent more than that was in 2017 and outperforming the organizations’ focus of 30,000 units. The accomplishment in boosting its deals denoted Hongqi’s first huge achievement. In the main quarter of 2019, the brand amassed offers of 13,400 units, an expansion of 787 percent year on year.


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