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Facebook undergoing massive changes, Chris Cox, one of the oldest members of the company to quit


Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest organizations in the world, generating revenues worth millions every day. Over the past decade, the executives of the company have been relatively constant which is an achievement in itself. However, last May, Mark Zuckerberg announced that there is going to be a change in hands of the executive positions, with the creation of new blockchains and installing new leaders for the newsfeed of WhatsApp and Facebook. Chris Cox, who is the chief product officer of Facebook, this only meant one thing, Zuckerberg was making this move to consolidate more of his powers and increase his hold over the company by making sure that the leaders of Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, all become answerable to him. Generally, Zuckerberg is vocal about his strategies through his huge blog posts but these massive changes were kept under wraps for quite a long time.

Despite many speculations, the main reason has now surfaced. After doing a thorough analysis of the company, Zuckerberg has decided to take Facebook more towards a private, encrypted message application instead of the one which is dominated by public feed. This decision is being labeled by some experts as the main reason why such dramatic reshuffling of executives are taking place, with Chris Cox being one major part of it.

In an interview to the Wired, Chris remarked that Zuckerberg has decided to embark on a new path of product designing which is a type of interoperable and encrypted messaging service. This vision, according to him, is more futuristic as he tries to find the perfect balance between privacy and expression along with security and would need leaders who could see the project with similar kind of passion. When Alex Stamos, the former security officer of Facebook was asked about this change in approach, he labeled it as a “burn the boat” propaganda that Zuckerberg was adapting to a new imperative. Since Facebook has the biggest collection of data anyway, they will be knowing about the health of the news feed better than anybody else.

Chris Cox was anyway planning to move in 2016 but Facebook was hit with a crisis that time, which made it impossible for executives to make the switch. The departure will have a negative effect because Chris was one of the oldest, trustable and most-liked employees of the company. He had already been an integral part of developing Facebook once so it makes complete sense if he doesn’t want to be a part of the process all over again.

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